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Post  Gone_Fishin_ on Fri Aug 27, 2010 1:47 pm

There really are some killer bass
fishing tubes available to enhance your
bass fishing experience, particularly if
you like fishing dock areas. Dock
fishing is a favorite of many people,
especially those who just want a few
hours of quiet without the hassle of a

(But, hey, who doesn't like a boat?)
Now, there are times when it is not a
good idea to fish the docks. One is
during tournaments when every angler
there is out in the dock area fishing
for a big bass. Big bass love to cover
of a dock, and they love to swim through
shallow water (you can often see them
right under docks and next to them in
plenty of locations.) Such heavy
pressure really lessens your chances of
catching a big bass, when there's a
tournament happening, but when
conditions are right, and big bass seek
the shallow cover of the dock areas, you
really should consider a heavy action
rod and a tube.

A 7 ½ foot flipping rod paired with a 4
inch Yum Garrett Mega tube really is a
good choice, in spite of the fact that
power fishing a tube is not your most
common site. Look into this option for
your first choice.

It all comes down to a choice between
skipping some other lure under the dock,
and hoping that you manage to land in a
good spot or flipping and pitching a big
tube into an exact spot where you know
big bass are bound to be hanging out.
The Mega Tube is good because it is
really heavily loaded to make it have
the bulk it needs to get where you want
it to go, but it is also exceptionally
sleek, and unusually adept at coaxing
big bass to take the bait. Another bonus
is the Yum scent that just sets off the
feeding response in these big lunker
bass. When the bass think they have live
bait, they hang on to it as long as they
can giving you more chance to get them
out of the water.

To rig the mega tube, try about a 17
pound fluorocarbon test line (for clear
water) and tungsten weights. Then, tie
on a 4/0 wide gap hook, Texas rigged.
Peg your weight about half an inch above
the tube.

When you cast your tube, concentrate
your efforts on making your entry soft
and accurate. Cast to areas near
ladders, near the sides of docked boats,
or other stationary objects providing
cover for the big bass you seek.
Practice makes perfect, but a good entry
and a good location can make all the
difference when it comes to catching or
not catching the bass! There are many
types of tube lure designs. You can find
those combined with various shapes such
as crawfish shapes with the hollow body
of a tube to create some really
effective proucts. There are jig heads,
rattles, hooks, trailers, and rattles to
use with tubes.

Tubes allow anglers to catch bass from
the bottom all the way to the surface,
and from the shallows to the deeps all
year long.

Tubes may be Carolina rigged, Texas
rigged, fished weightless or drop shot

The easiest basic method for rigging a
tube is to insert a jig head into the
hollow area of the body of the tube. You
can easily use this method when you are
fishing on spinning tackle. Just tuck
the jig head into the tube, and use this
presentation as a finesse lure whenever
you are fishing really clear waters. You
can easily skip this lure through
overhanging branches and vegetation too.
If you push the jig head all the way in
toward the front, your tube will fall
more rapidly and have less spiral to it.
By the same token, if you push the jig
head back from the front, you will slow
the fall and increase the spiral of your

For added interest to the bass, bass
fishermen have been known to insert
various substances into the body of a
tube. For example, if you break up an
alka seltzer tablet and insert a bit
into the tube, the tube will bubble and
fizz in the water to attract the bass.

Some anglers soak bits of cotton in fish
attractant and insert that into the

Bass fishing is an art form. Take it
easy and try a variety of methods.

Thought it was a good tip that i get on a weekly email, wanted to share it with you guys, the alka seltzer part sounds interesting, lol.


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Post  Guest on Fri Aug 27, 2010 3:54 pm

Some good tips in that article. Thanks for posting it!



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