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Berkley Havoc Test Drive Empty Berkley Havoc Test Drive

Post  Quin on Fri Nov 16, 2012 6:49 pm

Took out some Berkley Havoc plastic bait for a test swim at Burnaby's Deer Lake today.
The baits--Bobby Lane "Craw Fatty"
--Skeet Reese "Wide Load"
--Iaconelli "Devil Spear"
--Bobby Lane "Grass Pig"

The Craw Fatty is craw trailer type bait with a flattened appearance. The claws had a nice subtle flutter on the drop. I would use it when I wanted a large profile subtle trailer, if I wanted more action I'd go with a Rage Tail Craw.

The Wide Load is plastic worm/creature hybrid with a large tail that can be split for more action. I would go with a Brush Hog type bait or just a plastic worm. Not my fave.

The Devil Spear is an interesting bait, originally designed as a heavy cover flipping bait, it's now being used as swimbait !! So something of a 2 for 1. You can rig it flat for flipping the cover or on edge with a swimbait hook for a subtle tail thumping swimbait. It comes in colours that show it's flipping origins, but maybe some swimbait colours may come along.

The Grass Pig is a swimbait with swimming tail and very subtle body roll or wobble. I've only seen it in the 5 inch size in B.C. but it does come in 3.5 inch size that might be a better size to imitate our baitfish.

Overall, the price is very good, colours are good, they aren't the best soft plastics out there, but they are available at our local stores and that kinda falls into the "bird in the hand, beats the one in the bush" category. So take alook and maybe give them a try and post your opinions.



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