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Post  Quin on Tue Apr 09, 2013 1:31 am

Got a small order from BPS around Easter (taking advantage of the cheap shipping deal). Mostly good reviews of the products but with one stinker.

The stinker first -- BPS Pro model Dragon stand up jighead - looks good but doesn't stand up, and I'm not talking just on the drop either. It doesn't stand up if you try manually to stand it up, just lies down quicker than an old dog. Good thing they were on sale. Going into the WCBA draw box for some lucky angler.(lol)

The good stuff
-- Zoom Trick worms, great colours, look alot like a hand pour, very buoyant, should be great on a
shakyhead or carolina rig.
-- Zoom Z drop worm, great looking new drop shot worm, very buoyant, tail is cross tail style.
-- Zoom Tiny Fluke, another floating addition for drop shotting, should be good for crappie as well.
-- Jackall Cross Tail Shad, very soft, drop shot plastic. Sinking, and is 3.5 inches long not the 4
inches described and on the packaging.

The Zoom products were very reasonable (and were on sale to boot).
Note- all lures were water tested in my in-house tackle lab, (the bathroom, after the wife has gone to sleep). Lake testing to follow.



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Tackle order review Empty Re: Tackle order review

Post  smjex on Fri May 10, 2013 11:42 am

Love Zoom baits. Have you had a chance to fish the Z drops and Crosstail Shads? If so, whats your thoughts on these baits. Both look great.



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