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Rod sale at Wholesale Sports Empty Rod sale at Wholesale Sports

Post  Quin on Sat Jun 08, 2013 9:06 pm

Langley Wholesale Sports has a few rods on sale, including a few that might interest you as a bass angler.About a dozen models, casting and spinning. They had a couple of Shimano "Cumara" spinning models on sale. These are high end rods, with a high end price to match. Regular price over $225, on for apprx $150-160. These would be excellent rods for drop shotting/finesse fishing for smallmouth. Shimano Compre spinning reg. $100 on for apprx $50. There were a couple of Quantum casting rods on sale as well. The sale rods are a little hard to find but look for the rod's with "red" sale stickers or simply ask(the rods are all together).

Guys on the island might want to check out the Nanaimo store to see what they have on sale. They did have quite a few casting rods in stock last fall, and maybe they're on sale. Worth a look.



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