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My weekend tour... Empty My weekend tour...

Post  dinkusDviolator on Sun Nov 17, 2013 9:53 am

So I am new to the club and am yet to learn the secret handshake but none the less tryed to meet members out on the water this weekend. I went to minnikhada but access was real bad for those that want to use a pontoon and seeing as no one was around, I moved on to Silvermere.

Silvermere is a pretty looking little lake but the local Elitists have put signs all over to claim ownership of the water and any access to it. They even claim (they have signs) to be able to have $2000.00 fines levied and/or even an epic pee-pee spanking by some Genstar security nazi. So feeling suitably intimidated, I moved on and wrote the day of to a scouting adventure.

Eventually I made it to Hatzic lake and although it is also difficult to access, it's not impossible. I hooked up my boat and rowed across the lake and began the process of figuring out a new lake. I later figured out I was in the wrong spot for the style of fishing I was doing but I saw multiple large bass come out of the water and got a feel for the terrain under me. on my way back out I noticed from the roadway That I had drove right past some of the best loooking basss water that I have seen on the lowermainland yet. It was perfect and almost caused me to pull over so I could kick my own ass for driving by it unnoticed.

So needless to say I will be back next weekend with a brand new plan... So if any of you wanna come out and play around, message me. It may be too cold for a tube but if you have a pontoon or small rowboat, I think we could really slay them...

Good luck out there and don`t get caught jerk`n your bait.


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