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2014 Ideas for the Club Empty 2014 Ideas for the Club

Post  Quin on Thu Dec 05, 2013 2:26 am

2014 IDEAS for Club get togethers, Fishing Outings, Group trips or whatever you have in mind.
Andy's been trying to drum up ideas for 2014 for club events.
So please let's try to think up some events or get togethers to get people out bass fishing !!
I was thinking about a few simple events like "walk and fish" to just get people out to explore some of the opportunities that we have on the lower mainland without using boats. Areas that come to mind are Minnekhada, the Pitt Marsh dikes, the Hwy 11 ponds, TWU pond, Brunette river, Deer Lake. Stokes Pit (Latimer pond), Mill lake, and Fishtrap ponds or any place you can think of that has easy access for an afternoon or a few hours of casual fishing and exploring. Try to think of places that people of all ages can get to, with easy parking. It would be great to get out there just to see what's available. Get some photos of the various fish species, to have a record of exactly what's out there. Get people out panfishing, carp fishing, bassing, whatever.

So let's get some ideas to help Andy !!!



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