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Tackle testing 2014 Empty Tackle testing 2014

Post  Quin on Tue Jan 21, 2014 8:51 pm

Had to get out and try out some new gear today.
Well, some of it is used but new to me.
The Tackle---
Daiwa Exceller 100 with what looks like 14 lb flouro. used
Kistler Spinnerbait Special - used
The Lures--
Arbogast Buzz Plug
Rapala Scatter Rap Shad
Live Target Walking Frog
Heddon Chugin' Spook jr
Booyah Super Shad spinnerbait

I was very impressed with the Daiwa Exceller, it was very easy to thumb the spool when casting a variety of lures, some heavy, some light, some not very aerodynamic.
The Kistler was a nice workhorse rod, well balanced, not the lightest rod out there, but not heavy either. Quite sensitive.
The Arbogast Buzz Plug is a hybrid Buzzbait/Surface lure that floats at rest. So it can be fished very fast to very slow, and paused. Casts a mile so the hooks will have to be sticky sharp to set at a distance.
Rapala Scatter Rap Shad is a shallow crankbait with an erratic side to side action, dives to about 3'.
At slow retreives gave good vibrations through the rod so strikes should be easy to detect.
Live Target Walking Frog is a life like imitation of a frog with an easy "walk the dog" action and it has an interesting head bob.
Heddon Chuggin' Spook jr. was the winner today, with a super easy "walk the dog" action that went quite wide on the glide, it threw a nice little spray of water from the chugging head. I found it very easy to work.
Booyah Super Shad 3/8 oz is a 4 bladed spinnerbait that , of course, had lots of flash, was easy to get up and wake, but with 4 blades felt heavy on the retrieve with all the drag from 4 blades. On the other hand you may be able to feel strikes when the drag stops as the blades stop as the fish inhales it.
Time to take apart the Exceller for some oil and grease to get it ready for spring !.

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