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Bait molds for bass Empty Bait molds for bass

Post  curtk on Sun Feb 02, 2014 3:41 pm

Hey Guys
I was was just wanting to show off some of my stuff and let you know that you don't always have to look to the states for gear . I believe that I'm the only guy in BC if not Canada who is running a  bait mold shop (though i could be wrong Smile ) . I'm expanding at a rapid rate and am coming out with new designs on a regular basis .  I've currently got 40 designs which are pour or injection with more in the works . I'm always open to ideas or suggestions , so if theres something in particular that someone is wanting then let me know . I've got a site under construction at . As you can tell , I like big baits , the lizard stretches to roughly 8 inches , and the massive curly tails stretch to roughly the same , I've got an 8 inch stick bait (not in pics) which is deadly
This is about all that I've got to show for my bass fishing experience of last year , I got so busy on this that my 4-6 day a week fish in the marsh was reduced to a few days a month , and that was mostly designated to real life tank testing

Bait molds for bass Dsc_0614Bait molds for bass Dsc_0615Bait molds for bass Dsc_0611Bait molds for bass Dsc_0612Bait molds for bass Dsc_0613Bait molds for bass Dsc_0610


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Bait molds for bass Empty Re: Bait molds for bass

Post  andy on Mon Feb 03, 2014 3:45 am

Curt pm Me your phone number I've heard about your molds and had one given to me and I have an idea I need done in a mold Smile
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