New Lakes, New Lures ?

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New Lakes, New Lures ? Empty New Lakes, New Lures ?

Post  Quin on Tue Mar 18, 2014 8:38 pm

Well Spring is right around the corner. Honest, it is,.... it really is !
So what new lakes or old lakes revisited, are you looking forward to visiting this year ?? Going to the May long weekend Jamboree in Osoyoos ?? Looks to be a blast ! (See John's post on Bass Anglers of BC for details)

What new techniques or lures are you going to try this year ?

I want to take a long look at Deer Lake in Burnaby, it's close, has good access and looks to have a decent population of bass.
Farther afield, Elk/Beaver on Vancouver Island, not a big fan of ferries and the cost. Might load up the pontoon boat in the truck (cheaper than towing or cartopping) for a day trip.
As for lures and techniques, I want to get back into topwater this year, try out some frogs and Zara Spook style lures. Get some blow ups and all that fun stuff of watching them eat !! Surprised Shocked 
So what have you got planned??



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New Lakes, New Lures ? Empty Re: New Lakes, New Lures ?

Post  Rapala-man on Thu Mar 20, 2014 1:49 am

I'm looking forward to doing more night fishing this year. Tried it for the first time last season and loved it !


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