Sea Run Bass ????

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Sea Run Bass ????

Post  Quin on Thu Apr 03, 2014 4:02 pm

Well not actually bass that run to and from the ocean but rather bass gear at Sea Run Tackle in Coquitlam. I was in the other day and they've got a nice little selection of bass gear. here's a partial list.
From Berkley-- Ripple Shads, Rib Worms, Chigger Craws, Lizards, Power Hawgs, Shakey Worms, Powerbait Tubes, and way more.
Other stuff -- Johnson Panfish jigs, Owner weedless wacky hooks, Hildebrant spinnerbaits, Pro-cure scents, some great looking Bass flies. St. Croix, Abu Garcia bass rods. There's a lot more than I can list or remember.

But the big news is this weekend is their big Spring sale, April 4,5, and 6th, check out their website for details. They have free draws, door crasher specials and almost everything is on sale.( I think everything is on sale, just not 100% sure  Laughing  )
One of the draws is for a 12' boat !!!! A Spratley pram !!! A sweet, stable boat for bass !!
Remember there's under ground parking in back off the lane off Marmont !



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