Deer Lake Bass discussion ???

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Deer Lake Bass discussion ??? Empty Deer Lake Bass discussion ???

Post  Quin on Mon Oct 13, 2014 2:01 am

Found this on another forum discussing the fishing in Deer lake. Some people don't like bass, and others really, really don't like them. Surprised
The part I found humorous was the part about the influence bass anglers have with the politicians, here in B.C..  Rolling Eyes  Rolling Eyes
How did they find out ??? I suspect the "Illuminati" in cahoots with the "Knights Templar", who were jealous of our power!!! Too funny !!
Here's the quote - (the thread wandered about, and started discussing pike minnows and bass)
" Deer Lake / Burnaby lake feed into the Fraser so thats probably how those pike minnows get in there, probably how the bass also find their way in there too. Might be a bit of stretch, I can't really see how the bass would travel down from where they are more commonly found (pitt / burnette rivers) unless they are chasing / following the minnows or salmon fingerlings maybe the small trout too?"

And the reply -
"The bucket brigade is why and the government does not care. Some lakes in Interior when perch and bass are found they close the lakes to fishing completely and in this region 2 they bag limit is still 4 and that should be changed to 'no bag limit' and encourage people to catch and kill them. But i think the bass club out there has it in with politicians and that is why after all these years still no changes to the regs or nothing being done by the province to try and curtail these vermin but it is probably too late now.. "

Someone added a comment about "tinfoil hats", so others saw the humor in it.

Have a great Thanksgiving, everyone !!!


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Deer Lake Bass discussion ??? Empty Re: Deer Lake Bass discussion ???

Post  newsman on Mon Oct 13, 2014 11:13 pm

Well a few years back I was told by an insider I know with the MOE, that my face was on the wall of the DFO offices along with Rafe Myre. So I know my weekly column is read by both Fisheries and the DFO, and believe me they don't like bad press.

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Deer Lake Bass discussion ??? Empty Re: Deer Lake Bass discussion ???

Post  curtk on Sun Nov 30, 2014 3:13 pm

A lot of guys who cry about the fish stocks ,  contribute to the problem  . How many guys sit waiting for the fisheries to dump a few thousand more victims into a pond so that they can catch and keep pellet fed fish  , then once again the place is fished out within a few weeks until the next round . But , there are usually many reasons to justify this practice
I'm sick of politics . The last three times I was in the waters along the dyke I ran into the same clown who preached his politics to such an extreme that the third time I was about to destroy him ,  lucky for him I think he realized that I was offended and that it was time to shut up and keep walking . The first rant was fisheries , the second was a mix of bs , the third was forestry which is a touchy subject for a guy who grew up with nothing around a home town but forest . We have it good here , politics isn't the problem , "cry babies" is the problem


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Deer Lake Bass discussion ??? Empty Re: Deer Lake Bass discussion ???

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