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Cabela's Nanaimo Quick review Empty Cabela's Nanaimo Quick review

Post  Quin on Wed Nov 12, 2014 11:47 pm

Was over on the Island a couple weeks ago, a brief report on the new Cabela's in Nanaimo.

Just a quick review of the new Cabela's in Nanaimo.
It's easy to find, and has lot's of parking.
I spent less than an hour in total in store (1/2 hr heading up island and 1/2 hr heading home) and for a full review you should probably spend more like 2-3 hours.
I really just looked at the fishing dept., They seem to carry a lot of Cabela's own brand of product in lures. Not a lot of other manufacturers represented. They had Rapala Scatter lures in minnow, Shad rap, etc. for $9.99, but had no regular Rapala's, Fat Raps, DT's , Skitter Pops etc.
Didn't see any spinnerbaits, buzzbaits, etc.
The Cabela's brand looks to be a nice product and is relatively inexpensive for an angler who is starting out in bass fishing. Some of the Cabela's brand rods looked pretty nice. Take a look at Cabelas .ca to see what they have. They do have a "ship to store" free shipping option as well.
The terminal tackle selection looked extensive with lots of specialty hooks for worms, swimbaits. They had Trokar hooks as well. (didn't notice any bass hooks in Trokar).
It's well worth a longer look in the other departments, and next time I'll budget a lot more time for that. Huge selection of outdoor clothes. Large outdoor cooking selection, smokers, meat processing, sausage and jerky gear.
Hopefully they'll get some input from local bass anglers.
I found the store complimented Wholesale Sports quite nicely with WS carrying a larger selection of bass lures and Cabela's with their house brand rods and reels, lures, jig heads.

Now for those who have a sweet tooth.... you have to try the in-house fudge kitchen. The varieties change, they had apprx 15 different flavors/kinds. They have sucrose free fudge as well.

Next time I visit, I'll spend a little more time, and hopefully not a lot more money. I never checked out the "Bargain Cave" ! Well next time !



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