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Post  Dylb on Sat Jun 11, 2016 10:58 am

Hey guys,

Not sure how active this forum is. With the weather getting warmer I'm trying to get into bass fishing, mainly within the lower mainland.

I've caught plenty of small bass before: Mill Lake, Albert Dyck, Fishtrap, Trinity..... but I really can't seem to land anything of a decent size.
I understand there's more little ones in these systems than there are big guys, but I'm hoping someone can help me land something a bit larger.

I usually use various crankbaits, topwater poppers, spoons/weddingbands/other lures, even leech pattern flies... all of which yield results, but small results lol. Every time I try to use a bottom jig I just end up raking the lake bed and dragging up pounds of weeds and gunk...?

Things I haven't tried: soft plastic worms/frogs, soft baits, spinner baits

Long story short, I was hoping someone could share some wisdom on what I should be doing to catch some bigger bass. I have a small boat to work areas of cover. I'm planning to do so on Mill lake soon, and really want to snag something worth talking about Sad

Cheers in advance! Thanks.


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Post  curtisvanderveen on Sun Aug 28, 2016 8:12 pm

Im down to fish in abby if you want a fishing buddy.


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