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Post  Quin on Sat May 03, 2014 8:32 pm

There's a lot out there !! What are your favorites ??
I just started to re watch BPS's The Bass Pros, it's six seasons of BPS's tv show. (now up to 7 seasons, over 24 hrs  Shocked  Shocked  ).
Lot's of in depth info, in apprx 22 minute shows Usually 3 topics per show. One covered in depth, another covered in 4 min. and a brief topic. It goes on sale every now and then, and is, imho, worth it, when on sale !

One thing I've noticed from the DVD's is that when KVD targets smallmouth with spinnerbaits, he uses lots of pauses and twitches in his retrieves, compared to a more steady retrieve when he targets largemouth. His smallmouth retrieve is much faster as well.



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