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Crayfish Trapping Empty Crayfish Trapping

Post  Quin on Wed Jun 24, 2015 11:36 pm

Just wondering if anybody out there does any crayfish trapping. To those who haven't seen a crayfish trap, it's usually just like a wire 2 pc. minnow trap, sometimes a little longer and the openings are larger to allow the crayfish to get in.
A few people used to trap them on the Pitt and lower Alouette, but it seems to have died out (The trapping, not the crayfish).
Most of the rivers, streams and sloughs have a population (or did), so I was thinking about going out to have a look and maybe catch dinner.
Hmmm garlic butter, lemon wedges, fresh steamed crawdads, and plenty of napkins cause it'll be messy. Smile
If I do get out, I'll post the results.


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