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Wholesale Sports Discount !! Empty Wholesale Sports Discount !!

Post  Quin on Sun Feb 26, 2012 10:49 pm

Hey, Guys, and Gals.

Is anyone thinking about shopping at Wholesale Sports over the next couple of days????

I've got a $20 off card when you spend $100(or more), and I won't be using it. So..if anybody wants it it's yours !!!.
Remember it's $20 dollars off $100 or more. so if you spend $200 you only save 10%, spend $100 save 20%.

An idea would be to combine with a friend to hit the $100 mark. Shocked Laughing Shocked and get some tackle. (or whatever you need).

The card is good to the 29th of Feb.

Just P/M me and I'll try my best to get it to you asap!!!!



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