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Post  Quin on Fri Jun 28, 2013 11:03 pm

Stopped in at a great little tackle shop in Burnaby. First Light Fishing And Tackle. It's on Broadway in Burnaby, not the Vancouver Broadway, but the one just north of Lougheed and Holdem. It's in a little strip mall. They carry a lot of gear for a smaller store. Not a lot of bass gear but they have some.
It's a great place for stillwater floats. Lot's of gear for carp(rods,reels, bait, hooks, terminal tackle). Some really nice floats, that would be deadly for panfish, trout, and bass.
They also carry Shimano Tescata rods. I've never seen these before and thought they may be some new design for bass. They're actually designed for jig fishing in the salt.(Lucanus jigs
They also carry some inexpensive bait casting reels that would be ideal for the angler just getting in to bass fishing.
It's a great place for those of us stuck between the Vancouver stores and those out in the Valley.
Stop in and have a look. It's not far from the huge Garden Works store on the Lougheed, so when the wife is picking out plants and stuff, you can stop in for a bit of shopping and get some news on local rivers and lakes.



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